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Hello, I'm Camila. It is a pleasure to have you here, and I can't wait to meet you in class!

I started teaching Food Styling in 2020, and since then I have been hosting free live classes on Instagram, online workshops, and this year I launched my first Food Photography Course.

If your goal is to learn the step-by-step of food photography, and know how to create beautiful sets for your recipes or products, understanding all the aspects that make a photograph to stand out, I can help you!

In class we explore different topics of food styling and photography where you can have an in depth experience to achieve autonomy to start creating photographs that express your own style and creative voice, 
and finally reach the clients so you can do what you love as a profession!

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What former students say:

"I love your work and the way you teach with so much love and dedication. Since I met you, I could relate to you work and you became an inspiration. Everything you make looks like a painting, a work of art! And all this is passed on in the Masterclass. The creative process from scratch, inspirations and making the final result happen. Your photography has helped me to always look for the best of a product. It's not just clicking, we need to have a photographic vision, it's seeing the details and transmitting them to the photo. It's to feel the moment, the emotions behind the scene, to be able to represent it in the image. Thank you for passing this all on to us through your courses.


"The Masterclass with Camila is more than a photography class! It is about creativity, sensations, memories and narratives. We learn how to create photographs that tell a story and provoke emotions. I'm looking forward to the next one!"


"I really liked this Masterclass, learned so many things that made sense for me at this moment. I loved that we could make questions during the class, and understand the process behind Camila's projects".


"I had an excellent experience with Camila's workshop for my group of Gastronomy students. She is very didactic and the visual and written material she provides is excellent. In just a few hours everyone managed to evolve a lot in their styling skills".

Have you attended a class before? I'd love to know your words on it!
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